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How to Write an SAE International Technical Paper (The title should contain the main thoughts and ideas behind the paper. The title needs to be short, but should be inclusive enough to search with any of the modern search engines.) Pranab Saha et al (The purpose of author listings is to give credit to those who have contributed to the research. A new appraisal of the thermomechanical behaviour of a hybrid composite brake disc in a formula vehicle Research Objective This paper presents a hybrid composite brake disc with reduced Un Sprung Weight clearing thermal and structural analysis in a formula purpose of this study is to analyse thermomechanical behaviour of composite brake disc for a formula vehicle under severe. The SAE MOBILUS Knowledge Hubs are gateways to curated, informative and trusted mobility engineering resources. Gain an edge with unlimited access to SAE Technical Papers, Books, Journal Articles and Standards in automated and connected vehicle technologies. Explore timely, authoritative and trusted cybersecurity resources to improve your.

Sae research papers

Refine Your Search Industry. Viewing 1 to 20 of Sort by relevance. Sort by sae research papers published title. Technical Paper. To design and analyze the use of one propeller monocopter is the main objective of this paper. Wacky Whirler technology used here to demonstrate the passage of the monocopter. It is a single propeller powered with a coreless motor which is a modern enhancement in the UAV.

It is based on the All Rotating monocopter theory. In the proposed system, controller based on IOT can be used which will be helpful in monitoring and processing the microdrone status. It can be achieved by replacing the engine by an electric motor which is powerful enough to provide required torque. The important requirement for a sae research papers to drive in the hilly region with steep corners is proper torque distribution sae research papers each wheel which sae research papers taken care by the differential system.

When the friction between road and wheels are different from left to right, then the wheel with low friction contact will lose its traction on the road. These situations are unfavorable for driving a vehicle on off-road and extrema conditions like driving in muddy roads or on the ice. These problems can be overcome by providing individual power supply system to separate wheels. In high speed race cars, aerodynamics is an important aspect for determining performance and stability of vehicle.

It is mainly influenced by front and rear wings, sae research papers. Active aerodynamics consist of any type of movable wing element that change their position based on operating conditions of the vehicle to have better performance and handling. In this work, front and rear wings are designed for race car prototype of race car, sae research papers.

The high down force aerofoil profiles have been used for design of front and rear wing. The first aerodynamic analysis has been performed on baseline model without wings using CFD tool.

The simulation results show significant improvement in vehicle performance and handling parameters, sae research papers. Electric passenger car with floor battery usually have its front boot space empty and the space is used as additional luggage storage. This space can be utilized to capture the wind energy and generate electricity. Based on this, the objective of this work is to perform an aerodynamic analysis of an electric passenger car using wind turbine placed at the front.

Initially the aerodynamic analysis of a basic electric car model is performed and further simulated using wind turbines and aerodynamic add-on-devices. Based on the simulation result, scaled down optimized model is fabricated and tested in wind tunnel for validation. The result shows reduction of drag coefficient by 5, sae research papers.

Shubham Kedia, Dr. Divyanshu Joshi, Dr. Some of these objective metrics are recommended and defined by ISO and SAE, which involve data processing, statistical analysis and complex mathematical operations on acquired data, through simulations or experimental testing. Due to the complexity of operations and volume of data, sae research papers, evaluation is often time consuming and tedious.

The challenge in deployment of MMDO algorithms in solving real-world automotive structural design problems is the enormous time involved in solving full vehicle finite element models that involve large number of design variables and multiple performance constraints pertaining to vehicle dynamics, durability, crash and NVH domains. With the availability of powerful workstations and using the sae research papers Computer Aided Engineering CAE tools, it has become possible to generate huge sets of simulation data pertaining to multiple domains.

In the current commercial vehicles market, ride-comfort and handling are crucial parameters for sae research papers customer and end user. There are various aspects which determine the vehicle behaviour. One of aspects is sae research papers structural rigidity of the vehicle, which has its own effect on vehicle dynamics. To meet the required stiffness of the main structural component of the vehicle i. Sae research papers number of iterations have to be done to build an appropriate model with low weight, which can meet the design requirements.

If any design criteria are not met, then this cycle repeats again until it fulfils the required stiffness, sae research papers. Today, the direct stiffness procedure is the basic principle of almost every FEA software package.

Active aerodynamics can be defined as the concept of reducing drag by making real-time changes to certain devices such that it modifies the airflow around a vehicle. Using such devices also have the added advantages of improving ergonomics and performance along with aesthetics. A significant reduction in sae research papers consumption can also be seen when using such devices.

The objective of this work is to reduce drag acting on a passenger car using the concept of active aerodynamics with grill shutters and air dams. The optimized model is then validated for a scaled down prototype in a wind tunnel at 80kmph. Any physical body being propelled through the air has drag associated with it. Drag will be created on the surface of the vehicle due to the flow separation at the rear end.

In aerodynamics the flow separation can often result in increased drag particularly pressure drag, to delay sae research papers flow separation, the vortex generators are used on the roof end of the vehicle just before the point of flow separation. The objective of this project is to perform aerodynamic analysis of commercial vehicle using active vortex generators concept.

Sae research papers, the aerodynamic analysis of a baseline commercial vehicle model is performed and same is validated with the scaled model by using a wind tunnel test. Further analysis has been done by using active vortex generators concept with variation of angle of attacks for vehicle speed of 50, 70, 90 kmph, sae research papers.

Also, analysis has been carried out for six different yaw angles, sae research papers. Objective: The Objective of the research is to detect drop in level of pressure in the wheel with respect to nominal pressure using data obtained from speed sensors, sae research papers.

The research discusses the standard procedure of experimentation to obtain data which eventually used to produce results. This procedure is taken from principles Design of Experiments.

Statistical tools are used to analyze and give determining factors for pressure variation. Methodology: To study idea, we made use of two-wheeler platform and collected data of wheel speed sensors on both wheels.

The idea is when there is any change in tire pressure the radius of the wheel also changes and usually this relation is direct. Hence, change in tire pressure changes the angular velocity of the wheel.

In this approach wheel speed sensors are used to measure the angular speed for standard and reduced pressure conditions. It covers India and sae research papers region extending 1, km around it, sae research papers, with plans for further extension. It is a global navigation satellite system that provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on or near the Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

Vehicle aerodynamic drag reduction is the effective technique to enhance the fuel economy, performance and top speed of a vehicle. This further increases in the case of vehicles with higher CG. Thus, it seems logical to focus attention on the underbody aerodynamic drag reduction. In this study, an active spoiler is placed towards the front end of the vehicle which will divert the air flow from the front towards the radiator.

The active spoiler sae research papers according to the signals received from the radar sensors placed at the lower end to detect obstacles which will prevent it from damage. The aim of the study is to examine the effect of the air flow diversion on underbody drag, sae research papers. The effect of air flow diversion on fuel consumption, radiator effectiveness and top speed is numerically evaluated. The maximum power produced by the Engine is utilized in overcoming the Aerodynamic resistance while the remaining has been used to overcome rolling and climbing resistance.

Increasing emission and performance demands paves way for advanced technologies to improve fuel efficiency. One such way of increasing the fuel efficiency is to reduce the aerodynamic drag of the vehicle. Buses emerged as the common choice of transport for people in India, sae research papers. The present numerical analysis aims at studying the effect of changes in profile of van on aero-acoustic noise and aerodynamic drag.

In present study five models of truck are analysed, including baseline model at different Reynolds numbers, namely 0. In order to reduce the aero-acoustic noise, various profile modifications have been adapted on existing van model by adding a top and bottom diffuser at the rear of the truck. The comparison has been done with respect to coefficient of drag, coefficient of pressure, pressure contours for all four cases. The aim of this paper is used to sae research papers the effect of shielding gases in the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding process.

The properties of the high speed low alloy steel carried out reveals a better mechanical properties suitable in naval applications. Titanium alloy Grade V is used in aerospace, medical, marine and chemical processing industries. To improve the thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance of the titanium alloy at elevated temperatures, sae research papers, Thermal barrier coating TBC has been predominantly used.

Cerium oxides CeO2 have been proposed as TBC, due to their high thermal expansion coefficient, higher thermal shock resistance and low corrosion rate.

In this study, CeO2 was coated on Titanium alloy by magnetron sputtering. Deposition time was varied as 30 mins, 60 mins and 90 mins respectively, to achieve the variation in thickness of coating. Thickness of the coated specimen was measured by atomic force microscopy and found to be nm, nm and 80 nm respectively.

Surface roughness of the corresponding coated surfaces is The Vickers sae research papers was found to increase with decrease in coating thickness upto certain extent then decreases.

A Keizer Aluminium Wheel Centre was used by the team previously and it weighed around 1. Designing of CFRP Wheel Centre was based on previously used Keizer Aluminium wheel centre considering the design constraints such as distance between hub and sae research papers assembly. This was done to ensure the same trackwidth within the Formula Student rules. For the same design CFRP material was used and the result was found out to be promising with a wheel centre weight of 1.

Further to improve the performance and weight reduction, sae research papers, FEA was done to design a 38 layered CFRP wheel centre giving utmost priority to ease of manufacturability and safe design.

Noise of almost every form is considered undesirable and hence its reduction is an important area of study. Aerodynamically generated noise due to vortex shedding in the wake of bluff bodies is a major source of such undesirable noise in applications involving overhead wires, poles, automotive components and aircraft landing gears.

Vortex suppression methods are employed in these cases to reduce the noise generated by suppressing the pressure fluctuations arising near the bluff body surface. The calculations for flow field are performed by solving the two-dimensional governing equations for unsteady isothermal incompressible viscous flow. Aerospace vehicles have a considerable longer product life-cycle when compared to any other consumer goods like automobile and electronics industry.

With the advent of new, disruptive technologies, many sources and supplies of materials including COTS and Standard catalogue parts, components and goods, which are widely used in an Aerospace manufacturing environment, are diminishing at a considerable rate and thus result in their obsolescence before the end disposal of the product life cycle.


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Apr 28,  · Sae research papers. essay persuasive essay on julius caesar how to write a critique paper of an article how to write an academic essay title research papers on cell phone addiction how to write a persuasive argument essay examples indian restaurant business plan samples access courses for social work how to develop your critical thinking 4/5. A new appraisal of the thermomechanical behaviour of a hybrid composite brake disc in a formula vehicle Research Objective This paper presents a hybrid composite brake disc with reduced Un Sprung Weight clearing thermal and structural analysis in a formula purpose of this study is to analyse thermomechanical behaviour of composite brake disc for a formula vehicle under severe. Technical Papers. SAE Technical Papers are written and peer-reviewed by experts in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle industries. Browse the more than , technical papers and journal articles on the latest advances in technical research and .